Booth Design and Pricing

Deliver tons of value with our feature-packed Booths

Booths are loaded with features with which you can interact with visitors. You can host images, brochures, data sheets, and play videos to bring your booth to life.

Engage Your Audience

Video chats can be effective in connecting and networking with visitors who come to your booth.

Exhibitors can interact with visitors through a video chat or a text chat. Your staff can share information, respond to questions or simply strike up a conversation with visitors. Each exhibitors can have staff at their booth to according to the booth package.

Booth Design Elements

Standard Booth Template

Each exhibitor will be provided with a standard booth template according to the booth package selected. Various graphic elements can be uploaded to your booth to personalize the appearance of the booth.

Exhibitors can also upload short videos or documents which visitors can see and download. The different booth packages provide for a various amounts of videos and documents to be uploeded to the booth.

The booth can be customized at an additional cost to the exhibitor.

To find out more watch this Information Session about the event and virtual booths. This was recorded on December 16, 2020, to help potential exhibitors understand the many features, options and activities at this event.

GC2021 Virtual Exhibition Experience – Information Session

Keys to Building Your Booth

The following video shows the key elements to designing your booth and getting the most out of your participation as a exhibitor. Some of the content related to costs are specifical to GC Departments, however, the key design thinking would be beneficial to all exhibitors.