Peace Message to All People of Good Will

Official Statements April 1, 1980

Ours is a world of international tension, habitual exploitation, economic chaos, frequent terrorism, and repeated appeals to arms. These hostilities and uncertainties endanger the peace and civilization of this planet. They create obstacles in the way of Christian witness across frontiers and tend to inhibit evangelism. They can lead to restrictions being placed on religious freedom.

When confronted with this stormy and confused world, the Adventist conscience is aroused. The delegates to the fifty-third session of the General Conference invite God’s people in all lands to earnestly pray for world peace and the holding back of the winds of strife and war. Adventists, by precept and example, must stand and work for peace and good will toward men–and thus be known as peacemakers and bridge builders.

We call on all Seventh-day Adventists and other people of good will, inasmuch as in them lies, to help create atmospheres of cooperation and brotherhood, leading to exchanges between different cultures and ideological systems and better understanding between men of all races, faiths, and political persuasions.

Because time is short, and in view of the countless opportunities open to God’s people for witness and gospel advance, while a preapocalyptic situation still prevails, we urgently call upon every child of God to participate in the concerted evangelistic program launched on all continents and guided “By His Spirit.”

This statement was adopted by the General Conference session in Dallas, Texas, April 1980.